Peachtree Industries gets the job done!

It's a Team Effort

You are in charge of what Peachtree Industries does for you.  I created Peachtree Industries to be an all purpose, service oriented business.  In some cases I work as a virtual service provider, or I can come to your office to go over what your business needs may be.

As a client, you can choose long term or short term services.  Choose hourly, quarterly or annually.  Use the services whenever you need to, and experienced fast turnaround times on smaller projects.  I help you meet deadlines, increase your managerial duties, and I can help you invoice your clients to take the pressure off of you.

On long term services, you will receive individualized reports to keep you up-to-date on the services you are receiving.

I am your personalized service provider.  You can always contact me if you have a question, would like to request additional services, have questions about the invoice, would like to make a payment.

About Us 

I come with 27 years of work experience.  This includes office support. bookkeeping, event planning, travel accommodation scheduling assistance, research, and now I am adding wedding photography and business consulting to my list of professional experiences.

I can taylor services to meet your specific needs.  As a client, you are given the attention you deserve.  I work with all of my clients to address their needs through innovative solutions.


You name it and I can provide it.  Building an experienced staff to work around the clock, you can be sure the job will get the job done and done right.  Visit the Services page to see a detailed list of services.  If you do not see a service listed, remember, I can tailor services to fit what you are looking for.

Can services be combined?  Yes.  Clients are encouraged to bundle services as they fit their needs.  However, I recommend clients identifying what it is they need in order to make an affective selection.

Can deposits be made using a credit card?  Yes.  Peachtree Industries has developed a credit card authorization form for clients to provide their information.  Please note that no credit card information saved for protection of the client and as part of the Policy & Procedures and Fraud Detection Plan that is currently in place and is updated every year.

For a complete list of the Frequently Asked Questions, email Peachtree Industries.

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Starting with only a computer system with DOS and Lotus 1-2-3, working out of a small room several years ago,  Peachtree Industries has blossomed into a full professional service oriented business operating at levels that caters to the schedule of the client by providing a variety of services to, but not limited to, the small business community. 

The services work to develop systems that assists business professionals in establishing resources ideal to their operating practices by using support functions that are responsible for increasing managerial duties, staff morale, maximizing the use of their in-house staff, and consulting with them to show them how outsourcing to an affordable service provide can benefit their bottom line in their budgetary guidelines.

Are You New to Outsourcing?

Do you know everything there is to know about outsourcing?  I can tell you everything you need to know through my reference guide, "Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing and Then Some."  It is designed to help business owners new to the world of outsourcing understand the process and how to apply it to their business process.  

The reference guide serves as a tool to provide extensive guidelines in determining of outsourcing is right for them, what do they have to outsource, the decision making process, knowing when to not over-outsource, and much more.  My guide provides the do's and don'ts to outsourcing and gives you a checklist when deciding to use and outside resource.

Get the guide for $39.99 and learn everything there is to know.  I provide this information coming from my own personal experience working with different companies who have benefited from my services.  And I am sharing this information with many  businesses owners so they know what to expect when going into an outsourcing contract.  

Order your copy today by clicking on the "Buy Now" button and start learning what you need to know about outsourcing. 

A Year At A Glance

  • Toughening the Policies & Procedures means that all new business clients are required to provide a current IRS W-9, copy of business license, and a cover letter on letterhead describing their business and length of time business.  Services will not be considered without this information.  
  • New Material Packet:  The new Request for Service packet will be ready for request 11/01/16.  It will include a Request for Service application, flyers, business cards, and the new brochure.
  • 2017 At a Glance:  Peachtree Industries is making some changes to deliver services with a greater professional edge. This includes creating tools and resources to work with business managers to create a more positive environment, organize their business structure, and create employee and management workshops to strengthen their their working dynamics.Your special moment is just that...the happiest day of your life, and it should not include worrying about the cost of a reliable and professional wedding photographer.
  • Congratulations to Rene Jackson in pursuing her Bachelors Degree of Science- Concentration in Business Development.

Updated 10/25/16

Policies & Procedures

Every year Peachtree Industries updates the Policies & Procedures and Fraud Detection Plan to deliver up to date information on how business run with professionalism and accuracy in accordance with the law.  The Policies & Procedures and Fraud Detection Plan is made available upon request via mail beginning mid January, $3.95 shipping applies.  To be on the list for the 2017 update send your request to Peachtree Industries c/o Rene Jackson along with a check or money order for $3.95 payable Peachtree Industries c/o Rene Jackson to PO Box 20509, Long Beach, CA 90801.

What's New

10/25/16:  In light of recent events, Peachtree Industries is revisiting previous updates made to the Policies & Procedures.  This includes tightening up how payments are received for services rendered, creating tougher rules to be put in place, and all online requests for services will be required to provide proper identification.  Peachtree Industries is rethinking the ability to accept credit card payments.  As a result of these changes, I have decided to rename the business effective immediately to Peachtree Industries Accounts Management.  Various resources will be researched to assist with verifying new client requests. All new business clients will be required to provide a W-9, copy of their business license, and a cover letter on business stationery identifying their business and length of time in business.  All information will be reviewed and verified.  What does this mean?  Peachtree Industries Accounts Management will become a service oriented business only.  The service page will be updated accordingly.

10/18/16:  Effective December 1, 2016, Peachtree Industries changes its name to Peachtree Industries Accounts Management & Special Events.  It will also be an account management service that manages and monitors how payments on accounts are received and how invoices are processed, and ensures all policies are followed.

10/02/16:  Peachtree Industries has setup a new invoicing processing system to assist in streamlining the effectiveness for processing invoices. Effective 10/01/16, Peachtree Industries is now on Viewpost.  All or most invoices will be processed on Viewpost.  Paypal will continue to be used as its main payment processing system for credit card payment for the outsourcing guide.  Service payments will be processed through Viewpost.   You can direct your questions regarding the new payment processing systems for credit card payments to

02/04/15:  Outsourcing consulting is now available to start-up and small businesses who are interested in contracting out to outside resources.  This services helps managers and business owners understand the do's and don'ts of outsourcing and the benefits it has, and how it is applied to the daily business processes.

01/22/15:  Service menu will be restructured to add additional services for better customizing.

01/15/15:  Policies & Procedures and Fraud Detection Policy will be complete by 01/31/15.

01/10/15:  The application to request services is now available.  A credit card form is available and will be included upon request.  Email to request the form(s).

01/03/15:  New revision of the outsourcing reference guide will be complete and made available by end of February.  Stay tune for more information and availability.  Pre-orders are being accepted.

09/11/14:  Peachtree Industries is proud to announce that it has been called on by Kidz Unlimited, a nonprofit organization, to be the event coordinator for its first kids fashion show to be held on November 29, 2014.  Full details of this amazing event are coming soon.

08/05/14:  Peachtree Industries is now accepting credit cards using the Square system.